Nykab in Sätila

A mechanical workshop with innovative solutions for customers in the sector mechanics and sheet.

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Our employees have good knowledge and experience from the mechanical industry.

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360° viewing

Curious about how we work?
Read more about our work while you take a tour of our facilities.

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Our major aims is to work towards performing work to a hundred percent right, hold high flexibility and short decision paths.

We manufacture products according to your specific requirements, from concept to finished product directly adapted to the field with short lead times, whether the surface is a simple sketch or a professional drawing.

We have made the ship Isa af Lygnern. The model is the steamboat Isa which was operated on lake Lygnern between the years 1889 and 1921. Click through to see more of our products.

Our staff have a good knowledge of various welding techniques, valid permits for hot work, training in truck driving, etc. and our spacious rooms allows a qualitative development process.

We support a number of local sports clubs youth activities and various organizations work to prevent bullying and substance abuse among young people.