All contents of is copyrighted. Use of its content (text and images) requires permission from Nykab in Sätila KB.

Use of logo

We are engaged in a variety of contexts, ranging from local projects and sport to various organizations support of youth. Our logo is widely used which we are happy about, but to know where our logo is used requires permission from us before it is used.

If permission has received from us to use our logo, we require that the following guidelines are followed:

  • Always use the original file that you received from us so that the quality remains the same.
  • The logo colors may not be changed.
  • Should the logo be placed on another background than white, please contact us for approval.
  • The logo must not be cropped.

We manufacture products according to your specific requirements, from concept to finished product directly adapted to the field with short lead times, whether the surface is a simple sketch or a professional drawing.